Pain Relief with Pet Laser Therapy

Animals may not show pain quite like their owners do, but that doesn’t mean that your pet isn’t hurting. Inflammation, strains and sprains, nerve damage, and more can all leave your companion feeling very uncomfortable. At Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital, we offer an advanced veterinary technique: laser therapy. This non-invasive technique takes pet care to another level by working with your furry friend’s natural healing processes.

Pain Affects Pet Healing and Quality of Life

Is your pet in pain? You may have noticed signs like stiff movements, favoring a leg, lethargy, poor appetite, and nervous behaviors. Pain can be caused by a variety of things, from healing injuries to chronic conditions and age-related health problems like arthritis.

Pain isn’t just uncomfortable for your pets. It can impact their health and slow their healing processes. They may be reluctant to eat or exercise. Meanwhile, tensing up from pain restricts blood flow, and that blood flow is vital for the healing process.

Many painkillers are not safe for pets to take, especially if they are already on other medications. Even if your vet prescribes these drugs, they only mask the uncomfortable symptoms being experienced. Painkillers do little to actually heal your pet.

Laser Therapy Offers Comprehensive Pain Relief

During laser therapy, a low-level laser is passed over the affected area. The vet performing this treatment will closely monitor your pets during therapy. This is a painless process. Your pets may feel warm and visibly relax as their pain melts away.

Laser therapy offers immediate pain relief by reducing inflammation. This takes pressure off of sensitive nerves in the area.

Laser therapy can also speed up your pet’s healing processes. The frequencies of light used can loosen tight muscles, encouraging circulation and lymphatic drainage. Laser therapy also stimulates the cells directly to work harder at regenerating damaged tissues. This process, called photobiomodulation, has a dramatic effect on your furry companion’s healing time.

What Conditions Is Laser Therapy for?

Alongside injuries and arthritis, this technique has proven effective for fractures, post-operative nerve care, gum inflammations, tendon damage, nerve damage, and more.

Your Duarte, CA Veterinarian

Is your pet’s quality of life being affected by chronic pain? We offer a wide variety of pet care treatments and veterinary solutions in Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital. If you’d like to learn more about laser therapy for your pet or schedule a checkup with an experienced veterinarian, give us a call today at (626) 357-2251. We’re looking forward to meeting you and your animal friend.

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