dog with skin condition

If your trusty canine pal is scratching obsessively, losing patches of hair, or showing abnormal lesions on his body, he may be suffering from a skin problem that requires immediate attention. dogs are vulnerable to a variety of skin problems that can seriously affect both their health and their quality of life. Fortunately, help is at hand here at Duarte Azusa animal Hospital. We will be happy to evaluate your Duarte or Azusa dog's skin issues and prescribe the right remedies to eliminate or manage them.

Causes and Symptoms of Skin Problems

Some skin conditions are caused by external irritants, while others stem from internal imbalances or diseases. Common causes and symptoms include:

  • Mange - Mange can be set off by demodectic mites (demodectic mange) or scabies mites (sarcoptic mange). Sarcoptic mange can be easily transferred to other dogs, while demodectic mange tends to stick to individual animals. Mange leads to patches of hair loss, scabs/sores, inflammation, itching, and sometimes secondary bacterial infections.
  • Ringworm - Ringworm isn't really a worm. This disease is a fungal infection that creates telltale ring-shaped lesions of scaly, inflamed skin and patches of hair loss. Ringworm is highly communicable.
  • Allergies - If your pet is allergic to airborne agents, certain plants, or even particular foods, the allergy may manifest itself as red, irritated skin lesions that in turn cause pruritis (chronic itching).
  • Pests - Fleas and ticks get blood from animals by biting the skin, an act that often triggers an allergic reaction. Your dog may then scratch obsessively at the bites, opening them up until secondary infections take hold.
  • Underlying Diseases - Skin lesions may be related to cancer, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disorders, Cushing's disease, and other underlying ailments.

Dermatology at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital

Bring your dog to Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital for prompt, effective diagnosis and treatment of his skin condition. In addition to examining the skin itself for any lumps, lesions or infestations, we can also run lab tests, from allergy testing to complete blood tests, to identify any internal causes of the symptoms.

Once we know what's behind your dog's discomfort, our dermatology services can be put to good use to control the problem. We can alleviate pain and itching with anti-inflammatory medications, topical ointments, and medicated shampoos to eliminate pests. If a lump looks suspicious, we can remove it and examine it for possible malignancy. If your pet's food is causing allergic reactions, we can figure out which ingredient is responsible and prescribe a hypoallergenic diet. Your dog may also benefit from treatment of chronic underlying health problems or infections.

Make a Smart Move for Your Pet's Skin by Contacting Us in Duarte Today

You wouldn't want to be stuck with an irritating or potentially dangerous skin condition, so don't leave your dog to a similar fate. Take action to clear up that canine skin problem by calling (626) 357-2251 today for an appointment at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital!

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