Microchip Pet Identification at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital

At Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital, our experienced team is available to help you to protect your pet’s health. Dr. Rahim Zabihi and the staff aim to provide our patients with access to the best services and the latest technology possible. For many of our patients, there’s a big benefit in using microchip pet identification. With this simple, safe solution, you never have to worry about your pet getting lost.

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How Does Microchip Pet Identification Work?

Microchipping is a very safe and modern way of adding a level of protection to your pet. Some statistics indicate that as many as 1 in every 3 pets will go missing from time to time. If, when that happens, your pet is picked up by the local animal shelter or rescue, or even the local game warden, you’ll want to know they can find you as quickly as possible. With microchipping, it’s possible.

The microchip pet identification system places a very small device under your pet’s skin. It is a type of permanent identification for that animal. The identification cannot be moved. It’s no longer than the size of a grain of rice, but it stores a significant amount of information on it – including your identification information. It provides information that can help a trained professional get your pet back to you in no time.

What Can You Expect from the Process

The process of placing a microchip takes only a matter of minutes. We’ll use a system that allows us to easily place the chip into your pet’s skin, in an area that does not hurt. The pinch from this process is no different from a needle or injection. Once in place, the chip connects to a handheld device we maintain. When we scan the device over the pet’s body, specifically near the chip, it will bring up information and provide clear identification about your pet.

Why Should You Microchip Your Pet?

This is a pain-free way of providing key information about your pet. The chip itself has no internal energy source – it poses no risk to your pet. It will last a lifetime. There’s no need for anesthetics to place it. Most importantly, this simple setup effectively helps to protect your pet. Many pets who are lost will never make it back to their owners simply because there is no easy way to connect lost pets with those looking for them. With microchipping, your local veterinarian offices, the police department, game warden, and local shelters have a simple way of learning quickly who owns the animal.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Vet Serving Monrovia, Bradbury, and the Surrounding Areas

Call Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital today. Schedule an exam for your pet and allow us to discuss the pet microchipping process and how it can help your animal. Even if your animal has never left your side, this is a good investment. We work with patients in Monrovia, Bradbury, and the surrounding regions. Call us: (626) 357-2251.

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