Spay and Neuter Services From Our Duarte & Azusa Veterinarian

Having your pets spayed or neutered is an important part of caring for them. This procedure can benefit their health and cut down on the number of dogs and cats that end up in animal shelters. Our Duarte & Azusa veterinarian offers these services to help pet owners take good care of their pets. 

The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Pets

kitten getting a check up before spay and neutering in Duarte, CA While some pet owners breed their pets professionally, not all pets need to reproduce. In fact, animal shelters are filled with dogs and cats due to too much breeding, which has resulted in a pet overpopulation problem. Spaying or neutering pets helps reduce the number of offspring dogs and cats have, leading to fewer stray animals on the street or in animal shelters. Having this procedure done is considered a responsible part of pet ownership for those who do not intend to breed their pets professionally. 

Spaying and neutering also provides certain health and behavioral benefits for pets. Male dogs and cats have a lower risk of testicular cancer, as well as a potentially reduced risk of prostate cancer, when they are neutered. Female dogs and cats have a lower risk of uterine cancer and other kinds of cancers that affect the reproductive system. They also have a reduced risk of getting uterine infections that can be deadly and are usually in better health overall when they are spayed before they come into heat for the first time. 

Pets who are spayed or neutered also have lower risks of developing behavioral issues. This can also lead to a longer lifespan, since they are less likely to end up wandering off and getting lost or injured. They also have a lower risk of getting into fights with other dogs or cats. Spaying and neutering leads to a reduced risk of aggression as well, making pets easier to live with and train. Other behaviors that spaying or neutering reduce include barking excessively and other problems that are associated with displays of dominance. 

Our Veterinarian Provides Safe and Reliable Spay and Neuter Services

At Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital, our veterinarian performs each spay or neuter procedure with optimal pet safety in mind. We will discuss these procedures with you as soon as your pets are old enough to have them done safely. Although spaying and neutering involves the use of anesthesia, we monitor pets closely to ensure that they are in no danger at any time. For spaying, the uterus and ovaries of female pets are removed, while neutering involves removing the testicles of male pets. These procedures have a relatively short recovery time, although it is important for pet owners to make sure their pets are not able to reopen surgical wounds. 

If you would like to know more about spay and neuter services at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital, please contact us at (626) 357-2251. We will provide you with all of the information you need.

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