Pet Laser Therapy at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital

Humans and their pets have many things in common, including, unfortunately, their susceptibility to nerve damage, soft tissue injuries, and chronic inflammatory disorders. The good news is that a remarkable form of advanced veterinary treatment can now help your pet feel better and heal faster. Laser therapy helps your pet's own physical systems repair tissues and reduce inflammation, making it highly effective against many kinds of health issues. That's why we're proud to offer this technique here at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital.


Is Your Pet Hurting? Laser Therapy Can Help

Pain, stiffness, and other uncomfortable symptoms can stem from a variety of problems, from acute injuries that rupture or tear tissues to age-related joint issues such as osteoarthritis. When these problems become unmanageable through normal healing processes, your pet needs some extra help. Unfortunately, drugs aren't a safe solution for many animals, especially those that are already taking medication, and the relief provided by these drugs isn't accompanied by actual healing.

Laser therapy offers a solution that's not only safer the painkillers, but also more effective as a genuine healing strategy. This form of pet care involves the use of a "cold" (low-level) laser beam that passes through the skin easily and painlessly. As it penetrates to the underlying tissues, its frequencies stimulate increased blood flow and fluid drainage, allowing for more complete healing, reduced swelling, and drug-free relief from pain. Even more remarkably, the laser energy stimulates components in the cells to produce more cellular "fuel" for regrowth and regeneration. This action, called photobiomodulation, enhances healing further.

How Our Veterinarian Administers Laser Therapy

Pet Laser therapy requires no shaving or other special preparations, nor does your pet feel any discomfort. On the contrary, he is likely to feel a comforting warmth, along with noticeable pain relief. Our veterinarian, Dr. Zabihi, simply aims a handheld laser device over the treatment area and lets the laser do the work, with a typical session taking only a few minutes. We may recommend veterinary technique as part of your pet's treatment plan for problems such as:

  • Arthritis or other joint pain
  • Tendinitis, muscle damage, ruptured ligaments, or other soft tissue problems
  • Gingivitis (a gum inflammation)
  • Degenerative spinal disorders
  • Post-operative or traumatic wound healing
  • Fractures

·         Nerve damage and/or neuropathy

Contact Our Duarte Vet Care Center

If you'd like nothing more than to see your distressed, mobility-challenged pet return to his happy former way of life, laser therapy could be just what the veterinarian ordered. Call our Duarte vet care center today at (626) 357-2251 to learn more and schedule an appointment for your furry friend!




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