Cold Weather Tips

Cold Weather Tips

Although your pet will not have to worry about freezing temperatures or snow in Duarte, CA, there are adjustments you must make to keep your pet protected during the colder weather. Understanding the importance of seasonal pet care is crucial for keeping your pet happy and healthy year-round. The veterinary team at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital in Duarte, CA, is here to offer cold weather tips for maintaining your pet’s well-being.

Should I Change My Pet’s Diet?

Some pets may require a winter diet during the colder months. Fewer daylight hours may mean your pet is less active than usual. This drop in activity can put your pet at risk of overeating and gaining weight. While you might not need to make significant changes to your pet’s winter diet, doing the following can help your pet remain healthy during the colder weather:

•             Adding protein

•             Increasing vegetables and fruits

•             Taking nutritional supplements if needed

•             Feeding healthy fats

Keep Pets Hydrated

Running your furnace on chilly days can dry out the air in your home. Be sure to give your pet plenty of water when the temperatures drop. Keeping your pet hydrated can also counteract dry skin and itchiness caused by dry indoor air.

Limit Outdoor Time During Cold Spells

Low temperatures are typically in the 40s during winter. While this weather should not significantly affect most pets, animals with thinner coats should spend less time outside. Keeping these pets indoors on colder days helps prevent cold-associated health problems.

Other Seasonal Tips for Your Pets

What else can you do to keep your furry friends warm and safe in cooler weather? Our veterinarian recommends the following:

•             Provide a cozy place to sleep, like a pet bed or blanket, especially on cold floors

•             Discuss pain management for older pets with arthritis or other joint problems

•             Ask about dietary changes if you have any pets that are overweight or obese

•             Ask us for more cold weather tips if you are heading to a colder climate

Visit Your Veterinarian Near You in Duarte, CA, for High-Quality Pet Care

If you want more cold weather tips or require pet care to treat your pet’s illness or injury, consider contacting Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital in Duarte, CA. Our veterinary team can help keep your pet healthy and happy throughout the year, so call us and schedule an appointment today at (626) 357-2251.

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