My name is " Honey" and I am a very small little fella. I weigh only 5 pounds and I am a pug/chi mix. I am a year old, just a puppy I got hit by a car and my eye had a bad boo boo, these people in a big truck {animal control} came and got me and took me on a scary ride to a hospital where they said to put me to sleep but, Dr. Z and his staff said NO WAY we want to save him, so they agreed to save me. I had an operation to repair my eye, got neutered and recieved all my vaccines. Now I am ready for my new forever home.


"Buddy"  *ADOPTED*

Buddy is a sweet loving Chocolate Cocker Spaniel, He is a youngster, only 10 months old. He was taken in and cared for by our staff. He has been Neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. He is ready for a new place to call home!

"Trixie"   This sweet little girl is 5 months old and in need of a great loving home. She was brought into us by the local Animal Control officers hit by a car with a fractured hip. This sweet girl loves attention and cuddling and longs for a new home.


"AMI"   ADOPTED 5 Year old spayed female, Ami is a sweetheart, she loves being cuddled and loved.  She turned over to us after her owner passed away, she needs a new forever home.

aMI2.jpg ami1.jpg

Holly And Noel

 Noel and Holly are 5 month old kittens that were found on the front porch of one of our employees. Due to neglectful owners, they were cold, hungry, and full of fleas and tapeworms.  They were treated and have started their vaccines. They are very sweet and gentle and very attached to one another.  Noel and Holly love to groom and cuddle each other.  These little cuties are waiting for their new forever home, if possible we'd like them to go together, however we will split up if necessary.


"Elliot"  *ADOPTED* 

My name is Elliot and I am a Persian cat.

I was brought into the hospital by animal control officers as I was found on the road nearly dead. I had to get meds, IV care and meds in my little arm, it hurt but I feel better now. I had to have an abdominal ultrasound due to really bad tummy issues and they found out I have a funny thing called a cryptorchid {testicles have not decended} so I have to have surgery to have them removed. {neutered} If you want to adopt me let my friends know so you can meet me. ALL I want is a nice place to lay my head and be loved. I promise to be a good boy.


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