Pet Wellness Exam FAQs From Our Veterinarian Serving in Duarte, Bradbury, Monrovia, Arcadia and Azusa

Pet wellness exams are yearly or bi-annual (for senior pets) physical exams and tests designed to prevent and detect medical issues in their early stages. During a pet wellness exam, your veterinarian, who serves in Duarte, Bradbury, Monrovia, Arcadia and Azusa, will perform a thorough physical evaluation of your pet and ask you about any changes in your pet's eating or behavioral habits. Since we love and enjoy being with our pets so much, we tend to forget they age must faster than humans and rapidly develop special health needs as they age.

pet wellness exam

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation reports that a seven-year-old cat is equal physically to a 54-year-old human while a seven-year-old dog is between 44 (small dogs) and 56 years old (large dogs) in human years. In addition, aging pets suffer the same chronic diseases older humans do, such as heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, cancer and arthritis.

What Kind of Tests Are Done During a Pet Wellness Exam?

In addition to a complete physical examination of your pet, we also perform dental exams, heartworm testing, laboratory tests (blood, stool and urine) and take x-rays to ensure your pet's internal organs and musculoskeletal system are healthy and functioning properly.

Do Kittens and Puppies Need Wellness Exams?

Yes. Their immune systems are less mature and responsive than adult immune systems, which makes them susceptible to many types of infections. During a wellness exam, your puppy or kitten can also begin receiving core vaccinations essential for keeping him happy, healthy and disease-free.

Will You Check My Pet's Teeth and Gums?

Wellness checks include inspection of your pet's teeth, gums and oral cavity. Middle-aged and senior pets often start developing oral problems as plaque accumulates on their teeth and causes periodontitis. Your vet will recommend dental cleanings and other dental treatments if needed.

What Do Vets Look For During a Wellness Exam?

Our Duarte, Bradbury, Monrovia, Arcadia and Azusa vet will inspect your pet's ears for signs of infection and mites; palpate lymph nodes and thyroid glands for evidence of irregularities, examine the eyes and surrounding areas and check for any thickenings, swellings or pain on your pet's abdomen. Your vet will also look at your pet's anal area for signs of abnormal growths. Nails, skin and coat are evaluated according to texture, thickness and evidence of parasites.

Why Are Blood Tests Needed?

Determining red cell count tells your vet if your pet has anemia or other disorder related to red blood cells. A lower than normal white blood cell count may indicate the presence of an undetected infection or disease. Blood serum tests will grade organ functioning, measure hormone levels and evaluate electrolyte status.

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