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For residents in Duarte, Monrovia, or Bradbury, the team at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital are the only professionals you need to provide proper care for your pets. Our team offers a comprehensive level of service for most health conditions and wellness checkups. When you visit, our staff will help you and your pet to feel right at home while we provide outstanding care. We’re committed to providing most services your pet needs, including eye pressure monitoring.

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What Is Eye Pressure Monitoring in Pets?

Like humans, pets develop a variety of illnesses and diseases throughout their lifetime. One of the conditions many pets develop is glaucoma, a condition in which the pressure present in the blood vessels of the eyes is too high. Over time, this can reduce vision quality and, left untreated, it can lead to blindness. To prevent, diagnose, and treat this condition, we’ll need to perform routine eye pressure monitoring.

This process of measuring pressure within the eye is called tonometry. It measures the intraocular pressure or pressure within the eye. This is the amount of pressure that occurs against the outer layers of the eyeball. We use a handheld device called a tonometer to conduct the test.

Why Do Your Pets Need Eye Pressure Testing?

Tonometry is a type of monitoring for the development of glaucoma. In this type of eye condition, fluid builds up in the eyes. When this becomes too high, it can damage the optic nerve. This nerve carries information from the eye to the brain, creating a vision. Our goal with this test is to determine if the pressure is right.

It is also possible for the pressure here to be too low. Low intraocular pressure occurs when anterior uveitis, a type of inflammation within the eye, develops. This sometimes occurs after a pet has had eye surgery.

How Is Tonometry Performed?

An instrument is placed on the surface of the cornea to measure the fluid there. This process is not painful to your pet. When your pet comes in, well perform this procedure if there is a risk of glaucoma or if your pet has had eye surgery. There is no sedation required for this procedure. Instead, we’ll administer an anesthetic eye drop that will numb the eyeball. Your vet will then examine the eye. We do this in a way that doesn’t stress your pet. And, your pet will not feel the pressure from the device. They remain awake and alert during the procedure.

Schedule Eye Pressure Monitoring For Your Pet ADurante Animal Hospital

Visit Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital to learn more about the care your pet needs. We are a full-service animal hospital serving Duarte, Monrovia, and Bradbury. Schedule an appointment with your trusted team of professionals today. Our team will provide an examination and can perform any eye pressure monitoring services needed. Call us now for an appointment for your pet’s wellness exam or tonometry needs: (626) 357-2251.

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