Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital Solves Profound Canine Behavioral Issues

Bulldog waiting to see the veterinarian at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital for behavior counseling

When you are having a behavioral problem with your pet, come to Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital where we have an impressive track record of working with pet and owner to re-establish a fulfilling, loving relationship.

We believe that just about all behavioral issues can be resolved or at least improved. Our approach is positive behavior modification to solve all behavior problems, a proven technique that has resulted in myriad success stories. You will learn your pet’s triggers and how to avoid or manage them—the reason we prefer for you to come to your pet’s counseling sessions.

Our commitment to behavioral counseling extends from our belief of active veterinary monitoring and preventive care. We know firsthand how important your pets are to you and how you truly value them as a member of your family. With us, your pet is always in good hands. Nowhere will you find a kinder, gentler veterinary practice.

What Are Behavioral Issues?

We deal with a wide variety of behavioral issues including the following:

  • Outright aggression: Aggressive behaviors range from growling, lunging and jumping and biting.
  • Fears: Some dogs become terrified during thunderstorms, fireworks, yelling and other loud noises and engage in unacceptable behaviors.
  • Separation anxiety: When some owners leave, their dogs become excessively anxious and overwrought.
  • Destructive behavior: Some dogs destroy things for no apparent reason, including ruining clothing, furniture and other items.
  • Excessive barking

Some ask, "Isn’t behavioral counseling the same thing as training?" No. Simply put, training is about teaching and behavioral counseling is about finding and addressing the pet’s emotional state. Just like human therapy, counseling with pets means understanding the whys of behavior, as well as his or her specific needs. Training is usually ineffective in dealing with fears and anxieties experienced by pets.

What Can You Do

First and foremost, if you have been using negative reinforcement with your dog, stop! This includes shock devices, pronged collars and choker chains. Using these devices and other techniques may appear to work, but they are simply short-term solutions that usually make things worse in the long run.

Check Your Dog Medically: It’s really important to make sure there’s nothing physical going on with your dog – we can help you out with that, too.

Keep Track of What’s Happening: Although there is certainly an overriding negative behavior, other things are probably going on as well. The more we know about your dog’s behaviors, the more we’ll be able to help.

Avoid the Triggers: If you know your dog goes ballistic with other dogs, then going to the dog park isn’t a good idea. Likewise, if separation anxiety is the issue, see if you can work from home more or have a dog walker come in while you’re gone.

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Call Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital today to schedule your appointment at (626) 357-2251 today! Our friendly staff looks forward to meeting with you and your four-legged family member. Let’s address your animals behavioral issues together.

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