Pet Vaccinations

Caring for a pet and welcoming a new companion into your home can be exciting and may lead to lots of good memories. However, if you want the best for your animal companion, you need to take preventative medication seriously, and that means ensuring that your pet is up to date on all their vaccinations. If you live in Duarte and are looking for a veterinarian nearby, visit Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital for all your pet immunization and veterinary care needs.

Pet Vaccination

Why Vaccines Are Crucial for Pets

With both dog vaccinations and cat vaccinations, the right pet immunizations can protect your animal companion from serious diseases. Many vaccines are designed to prevent or reduce the impact of viral infections. It's important to note that treatments like antibiotics don't work on viruses.

Some conditions, like rabies, are highly lethal for both pets and humans. Often, local authorities require that your pet be vaccinated against rabies. If an unvaccinated animal is infected with rabies, it may need to be euthanized. Besides vaccination, rabies is essentially non-treatable as far as post-infection veterinary care is concerned.

Understanding Core and Non-Core Vaccinations

When it comes to cat vaccinations and dog vaccinations, there are "core" and "non-core" vaccines. Core vaccines are vaccines that every animal should get regardless of their lifestyle. The most widely known core vaccine is rabies. Since rabies is so deadly and can spread to humans, every cat and dog must be immunized against it.

Then there are non-core vaccines. These pet vaccinations are usually recommended on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you like to take your dog hiking, your vet may recommend the Lyme Disease vaccination. A dog that stays indoors and lives in an urban area may not need the Lyme Disease vaccine because Lyme Disease is spread by ticks, and ticks are most common in wooded areas.

Vaccinations Are Crucial for Preventive Pet Care

In health, an ounce of prevention is easily worth a pound of cure. This is as true for preventive pet care as it is for us humans. Pet immunization can halt the spread of serious diseases that could cause your pet suffering and may ultimately cost them their life. Some pet vaccines also protect human family members. Vaccination is very safe, and the risk of complications is minimal. Of course, you may have questions and concerns. If so, it's smart to speak with a veterinarian near you.

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Looking for a veterinarian for help with pet vaccinations? If you live in or near Duarte, visit Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital for assistance with veterinary care.

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