Pet Dental Care at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital

As you decide how to best care for your pet, remember to think about their oral health. Here is where a dental cleaning and fluoride treatment can serve your animal well. Just like humans, dogs and cats get tartar buildup, loose teeth, and bacterial infections in the mouth. We can treat those oral health issues in pets as well as provide preventative dental care. Learn more about what you can expect when you visit our vets in Duarte, CA, at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital for dental services.


Getting Started with Pet Dental Care

When you visit our veterinarians in Duarte, CA, for pet dental care, we will start with an oral exam. The examination will include a review of your pet’s gums, tongue, and cheeks. Our veterinary team will look for signs of oral cancer, abrasions, infections, and swollen gums.

We may take radiographs to evaluate the structures of the mouth as well as the roots beneath the gum line. Since many oral diseases can cause the most damage below the gum line, the procedure will be performed with anesthesia. Similar to when you visit your dentist, we will scale plaque and tartar off the teeth and polish them.

When to Schedule A Pet Dental Care Appointment

A pet dental check is typically conducted during your animal’s annual health screening. However, you can also schedule a pet dental exam at any time right here at our veterinary clinic. 

Emergency Oral and Dental Services

If your pet has suffered from an accident, illness, or infection that requires emergency care, we are here to help you. At our veterinary hospital, we provide care for oral health issues, including traumatic injuries, open wounds, infected teeth, fractured jaw, malocclusion, and oral tumors. Our veterinarians are ready to assist with treating any of your dog or cat's emergency oral and dental health needs.

Choose Our Vet Hospital in Duarte, CA, For Pet Dental Care

Here at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital in Duarte, CA, we specialize in pet dental care. We recommend getting your pet’s teeth and mouth checked annually. Please call our vet team at (626) 357-2251 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your pet's appointment. Providing your animal with exceptional dental care can help him in the long run. 

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